Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Queenstown's Fresh Fruits

This fruit stand is actually in Arrowtown. It's run by a company called Dam Good Fruit, based in Cromwell. I'm looking forward to pick some cherries in their farm. Their one of the farms I know which let people pick cherries during the cherry season - late November to late Feb. 

They have fruit stands in Queenstown CDB and Frankton Junction. Their cherries are 2x as big as what you can buy from Queenstown Neworld. They are juicier and the color is much deeper red. From some readings, it health professionals say that the deeper the color of the cherry is, the stronger it is against toxins. So I buy about 1 kg per week or $20 NZD worth of cherries every season :-D of course I share it with my partner and mum.

So happy cherry picking everyone! But make sure you pick the right cherries! :-)

Queenstown New Zealand

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